I’ve always been interested in time.  Once I thought I could push it around a bit but hard experience has taught me that no one can hold on to any moment or any one.  Flowers are my subject because they have so little of it, often just one day.  In that brief allotment they produce an explosion of color, texture, fragrance, seeds and pollen.  I admire how they madly work to reproduce themselves with no chance of seeing whether they’ll be successful.
    The work is 12 times life size to show that effort in detail.  The sculptures usually start with a seed, followed by a photograph of the individual flower, from which a portrait is made respecting that specific blossom’s work both in appearance and construction.  The plastic materials I use a both durable and cheap, an ironic way to make the ephemeral last.  
    The work acts as a counterpoint or exclamation mark in whatever landscape/streetscape it inhabits.  I won’t pretend that making things big is a new idea.   From  “Alice in Wonderland” or Claus von Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen (who did all the sewing) exaggeration has been funny.  That my pieces also end up beautiful is a result of their models.
    In addition to increasing the varieties of flowers in my garden, I would also like to expand my production capability.  I would like to install a field of sunflowers, a chorus of lilies, make environments rather than arrangements. 

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