Public Exhibitions:

2017    “Pressed Flowers.”  Via57 West, 648 West 58th Street, NYC.  Space made possible by the Durst     Organization and chashama.  March 1 -  October 31, 2017.

2014    “Amplified Flowers,” chashama 300 West 30th Street, NYC.  Installation in a sidewalk floral     shop with a glass exterior.

2011    “Plastic Flowers,”  Lehman College Art Gallery, Bronx, NY.  The gallery’s first ever outdoor     exhibition.  August 29 - October 31.

2010    “Plastic Flowers,”  Frederick Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park, Grant Rapids, MI.  An     installation in front of the Visitors Center so free to the public.  September - October.

2009    “Plastic Flowers - Delphiniums,” Art Lot, Peekskill, NY.  June - August.

2006-8    “Plastic Flowers,” at 3 Artist Field Days, Callicoon, NY.  Failed attempt to establish an outdoor     art event in rural Sullivan County.

1984    “Office of Aesthetic Appeals,” The Monadnock Building, Chicago, IL. Storefront office     publishing the “Chicago Aesthetic Code.”  Shut down by the real Building Department after a     Style Permit was found at the scene of a fire.

1982    “Uncle Mo’s Used Baby Buggies,” Randolph Street Gallery Outdoor Installation Show, Chicago.

1981    “Art Parts Store,”  Some Girls Gallery across the street from Judy Chicago’s Dinner Party.      Chicago, IL.

Other Exhibitions:

2015    “Plastic Flowers,” chashama 20th Anniversary Gala, NYC.  As a Featured Artist, installed 53     sculptures.

2011    “Plastic Flowers,” chashama 461 Gallery, NYC.  Installation of25 sculptures.

2007-9     “Plastic Flowers,” artHarlem Open Studios Tours.  2009 at Hamilton Landmark Gallery and     Casa Frela Gallery, NYC.

2008    “Astarte’s Barley Cakes,” a series of 366 sculptural copies of prehistoric goddesses.  Catskill Art     Society, Livingston Manor, NY.  Artists’ book in the collection of the Brooklyn Museum of Art,     Brooklyn, NY.

2005    “Accumulated Wisdom,” Exhibition of Artist’s Books at Catskill Arts Society, Hurleyville, NY.

2001    Installed the “Institute for Cultural Efficiency” in Skuta Helgason’s “Laboratorium,” part of     “Looking for Mr. Fluxus:  In the Footsteps of George Maciunas,”  Art In General, NYC.

1990    “Institute for Cultural Efficiency,” P.S. 1 Museum, Long Island City, NY, “Special Projects     Show.”  

1989    “The Time Managed Reading Room,” Skokie Public Library, Skokie, IL. Funded in part by Art     Matters, Inc.

1988    “Museum Notions,” New Museum of Contemporary Art, NYC. A store introducing the     institution’s mascot, the Culture Vulture, on a full line of merchandise.

1988    “Introducing Caesar,” a lobby installation for the Organic Theater Company, Chicago, IL.

1985    “Amazing Offer for Artists Only.”  Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, IL.  Installed in Ed     and Nancy Kienholz’s “Chicago Art Show Gallery.” Offered instant, personalized exhibition     catalogs.

1985    “Randolph Street Guaranty, Underwriters of Aesthetic Assurance,” a booth for Randolph Street Gallery. Chicago International Art Exposition, Chicago, IL.

1984    “The Drowning Art Object: How Safe are Aesthetic Articles at Navy Pier?” A safety pamphlet distributed at the show by uniformed personnel. Chicago International Art Exposition, Chicago, IL.

1983    “How to Build a Boat in Your Basement,” A.R.C. Gallery, Chicago, IL.

Artist’s Books and Articles:

2008    “Astarte’s Barley Cakes,”  Catskill Art Gallery, Livingston Manor, NY.  A series of 366     sculptures of prehistoric goddesses and an artist book of the same title.

2007    “Angels in Manhattan:  Shrines to the Seven Angels Who Cure Stupidity and the Seven Angels of     Confusion” an examination of a mythical monument that may have appeared in  Soho     in     1996.  Serialized in “FUSE,” journal of the Catskill Arts Society, Hurleyville, NY.  Carried by     Printed     Matter, NYC.

2000-5    “The Totally True Stories” by Athena, artist’s books telling the truth about Atalante, Medea, The     Amazons and Clytemnestra illustrated with images appropriated from Greek vase paintings.
1996    “How Much Structure on the Job is Right for You?” Feature article, National Endowment for the     Arts Community Website.

1996    “Transformation of the Avant-garde,” Art Papers, Atlanta, GA.  Article analyzing the extent of     the current oversupply of visual artists, the causes and solutions (go do something else.)

Museum Collections:

    “Astarte’s Barley Cakes,” “The Totally True Adventures of the Hero Atalante,” by Athena and     “The Totally True Earthly Adventures of the Goddess Medea,” by Athena are in the Brooklyn     Museum’s collection of artist’s books.


B.A. Occidental College, Los Angeles, CA
Attended:  School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA; Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL; University of Chicago Graduate School of Business, Chicago, IL.